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About us

Welcome to Zaras International Academy

Mrs. Zara Syed the owner and founder of Zaras International Academy, started in the year of 2005 is a certified Hair and make-up artist who has dedicated her life to sculpting the minds of budding hair and makeup artists.

At the Academy learning is a delightful experience. Students are given an opportunity to play with hair and make-up to showcase their ingenuity. We believe in providing our students with the best learning environment encouraging students to engage share ideas and believes. We believe in constant change and evolution within ourselves. We also believe in supporting and mentoring our students standing right by them at every step of their learning process. Students are given an opportunity to be a part of the many shoots, events and collaborations.

We consistently ensure that the students and each faculty is up to date with the latest industrial trends, business training, marketing, salon success and personal development to give you an upper hand in this field.

Welcome to Zaras family

We would be thrilled to welcome you to our family now! Today, the Make-up and Hair industry is ever growing. We will help you kick start your career by helping you to network and engage with fellow students and faculty.

Our expertise combined with your creativity students are exposed to the industry trends that will make them stand out as a Pro in Makeup and hair artistry.

Talented Team behind Zaras International Academy

The instructor

Zaras known for their Bridal hair and makeup classes in Bangalore, also has experience in creative, editorial and celebrity hair and makeup. The classes are taught in multiple languages such as English, Hindi and even the regional language depending on the location such as Bangalore (Kannada) and (Marati) Pune.

The instructors are well versed in the Industry and has ensured to teach students the newest trends of the industry.

Zaras guarantee and is committed teaching each student to perfection.

Success Story

Zaras has dedicated over a decade to establish themselves on the map. Today, Zaras is the best hair and Makeup school in Bangalore. The success to Zaras International goes to the dedication of every student and instructor who has constantly pushed each other to be more and more creative, being inspired by the latest trends and having the opportunity to experiment makeup.

Here at Zara students are encouraged to be inspired by different creators, art and nature the lit goes beyond imagination.

We take pride in being the best hair and Makeup school in Bangalore.

The education

At Zaras we offer a long list of courses to pick from ranging from workshops to full fledged 45 days courses. The courses are designed according to your preference, level of expertise and your availability.

The course is designed strategically to fit your preference. The course mainly consists of two vital parts i.e. the theory and the techniques. The theory based on the type of hair and makeup your interested in such as the course would help you learn different techniques of Hair and Makeup particularly in Bridal hair and Makeup if interested or a combination of everything.

Learning Environment

Zaras has students and enthusiasts from all over India. Zaras is known to creating a friendly and fun environment while students are taught with a discipline. At Zaras students are encouraged to enjoy and embrace their creativity.

Zaras is also known to offer wide network in the Industry due to wide number alumni, events, collaborations and clients.

At Zaras we ensure every student has a safe, friendly, enjoyable and creative works space to showcase their creativity.


Zaras is in the hub of Bangalore and Pune which makes it extremely convenient for students to commute from any part of the student.

The studios and classes are fully equipped. Students are given an opportunity to explore all the leading brands of the Industry such as M.A.C, Morphie and Revolution. Most importantly, we are located in one of the safest parts of the city.