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The best makeup school in India

"Celebrating the art of self-recreation for over a decade"

We believe in students molding our student's creative minds by teaching them the art of Hair and Make-up. Zaras International Academy has dedicated 13 years to teach, create and celebrate creative minds.

Our hair and Makeup school is in the city of Bangalore. The school is in the hub of the city filled with opportunities in and around. We offer number of courses regarding hair and makeup such as Bridal hair and makeup (Engagement and Wedding), Consulting, Editorial and Understanding the Makeup etc.

We are proud to be known as one of the best hair and makeup schools in Bangalore teaching bridal hair and Makeup for budding artists to shine in the industry.

We are known to collaborate with elite brands, shoots and events for students to gain a practical experience in the real world. 

We would love for you to be a part of our team. Join us today!

Career Opportunities/ Prospects

We train our students to out performs themselves in every situation.

We offer our students to experience and collaborate with brands such as M.A.C, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Estee Laurder and Fashion TV.

Our students have a range of career options to choose from such as collaborations, Freelancing, A trainee, or even an entrepreneur.

Students get to experience editorial and Bridal Makeup in our in-house studio fully equipped.

We are well known to conducting Various workshops throughout the year.

Zaras is proud of all the collobarations we've made so far for students to gain practical experience in the industry

Zaras, being the best Makeup Academy in Bangalore, offers the best of the best courses in Bangalore and is taught by the best in the Bangalore.


Our Instructors are highly qualified and experienced such as being in the Industry for over a decade, learning and experimenting make up across the globe.


Our instructors are well versed in various languages. Students are taught in English, A local Language (Kannada) and the national Language (Hindi)


Our schools are in the city of Bangalore, Karnataka and Pune, Maharashtra, India. Bangalore, Karnataka being one of the fashion capitals of India.


Students receive a certificate while completing the course which is accepted and valued across the country. Students are also given an opportunity to be a part of events and collaborations in time-to-time.

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Student testimonials

  • Zaras has taught me how to excel in the Industry. I absolutely loved the experience, ambience and the whole environment is safe and welcoming

    Priya Gowda

    ABC Entertainment
  • What I enjoyed most about being a part of Zaras was the endless fun and girl talk we got to have! The fun we had while learning, Read more...

    Ashwini Raju

    ABC Entertainment
  • I am now a freelancer, I attend many events, clients and shoots. I love doing hair and makeup. Besides, Zara ma'am is so Read more...

    Komal Kapoor

    ABC Entertainment
  • As a student at Zaras I was constantly challenged to perform my best! I was never discouraged for my mistakes! Instead Read more...

    Sanjitha Kumar

    ABC Entertainment
  • I became a part of Zaras because of my passion for makeup but always had trouble in finding what is best for me! But now Read more...

    Lakshmi Reddy

    ABC Entertainment
  • Thank you Zaras! I had so much fun as a student at Zaras besides the opportunities I got as a student were amazing! Such as Read more...

    Ritika Khanna

    ABC Entertainment
  • The most exciting part of being a student at Zaras was the opportunity to meet celebrities, be a part of exciting shoots Read more...

    Aishwarya R

    ABC Entertainment
  • At Zaras we were given the opportunity to try a New look on different models where our in-house photographer would take portraits Read more...

    Meghna Naidu

    ABC Entertainment
  • At Zaras fun and education were taken very seriously! We have always been super welcoming to other models to get experimented by Read more...

    Surekha Kumari

    ABC Entertainment
  • Zaras is in a prime location in Bangalore making it an extremely easy commute through the traffic of Bangalore. According Read more...

    Lubna Syed

    ABC Entertainment