Why Should I Choose Zara's International Academy School?

We are a group of experienced, highly trained make-up professionals in Bangalore and Pune dedicated toward teaching the skill to the budding make-up artists. We are one of the leading make-up schools in Bangalore and Pune. We believe that precision is the skill that you need to develop to be successful in this field that is precisely what we focus on.

What are some key highlights of Zara's International Academy?

Established in 2005 we have a benchmark in the industry, our Director Celebrity Makeup Artist Zara Syed is known for her Bridal and creative makeup artistry. Our students are placed with renowned production houses as well as brands. We have been a part of many fashion shoots, celebrity shoots, Ad campaigns, brand shoots and multiple events in the fashion industry.

Where are we located?

Our schools are in two major cities – Bangalore, Karnataka and Pune, Maharashtra.

Is it possible to visit Zara's International Academy?

Yes, we are open from Monday to Saturday 11:00 AM to 07:00 PM

What language do we teach in?

We are teaching various languages English, Kannada and Hindi.

How do I become a makeup artist?

Zara’s international academy is the best make-up school in Bangalore to give you wings to your dreams to start your career as a make-up artist. You do not need to have any past experience to start this course as we teach you everything you need to know to be a professional make-up artist.

How Many courses have you provided?

We have multiple makeup and hairstyling courses, we give you a choice of courses from which you can select anyone which suits your requirements.

Do you provide the course online or offline?

We teach offline at the academy.

What is the procedure to enrol?

We give you a walkthrough of the academy once you visit for a better understanding, you can also interact with the existing students and once you finalise on the joining then we have a process of enrollment where you can block your seat by paying Rs.10,000/- and fill up the registration form.

Will I get a certificate?

After completion of the course, you will receive a certification from Zara’s International Academy which is globally accepted. Students are also given an opportunity to be a part of events and collaborations in time-to-time.

What happens after the course ends?

We have a marketing class at the end of your course. In this class we explain and train you about the industry, we also connect you with Photographers, production houses, brands where you can start working with. We assist you in terms of placements and also guide you if you want to start up your own bridal studio.

What kind of students join the academy?

We have students coming across India, there is no such criteria when it comes to be a student of Zara’s.

What is a Portfolio and how would it help us?

Portfolio is basically a shoot which is conducted after the course ends, you have 3 portfolios where you have the freedom to choose any look. It includes bridal, fashion or creative. Yes it helps you to build yourself and understand about your work and also is a showcase of your talent where people can understand about your work.

Do you offer special events?

Yes we do offer special events as Fashion Shows, Brand Shoots, Collaboration Shoots, Ad Campaigns and much more.

How much is the makeup kit?

Our Makeup and hairstyling kits costs around 25,000/-

How do I register?

You can visit our academy and enroll by filling up a joining form or just call on 8884166888 for more information.

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